The Catch

Looking for a quality band to take you back to the decade that produced some of the most influential, charismatic pop artistes of all time??

‘LOVE 80’s is a completely live, high energy, seven-piece tribute band to the music of the 80’s decade…. Our three amazing LOVE 80’s ladies...JUST WANNA HAVE FUN, and when they move out onto the dance floor, there'll be no time to RELAX …. Everyone will be compelled to join them singing and dancing…All NIGHT LONG! Backing the girls are four guys. Highly skilled, well-rehearsed musicians & vocalists, faithfully replicating those unique 80’s sounds using Keys/Synth/Sax, Bass Guitar, Bass Synth, Guitar/Male Vocals & Drums...No pre-recorded backing tracks, just pure, 100%  LIVE MUSIC. So, to CUT A LONG STORY SHORT...If you want a fantastic, nostalgic 80’s NIGHT TO REMEMBER....LOVE 80’s promise you’ll be in for a THRILLER!!!