For further enquiries regarding The Catch, Boogie Wonderband or Hitsville...

Give Joe a call on 01908 366741 or mobile - 07973 285082.

Alternatively you can Email Joe for a prompt response!

How much does it cost to hire The Catch ?
There isn’t a standard charge for a performance as there are many factors which have to be taken into consideration for example: How far it is to the venue from base or the last show, amount of musicians needed (7 or 9), Night of the week etc etc. Please contact us with as much information as you can and we can provide you with a detailed quotation if required.


How much does it cost to hire The Catch to perform as 2 different bands at one event ?
Again there is no standard charge as this can vary dependant on your requirements. Please contact us for more information.


How far will The Catch travel to play a function?
The band have played all over the UK and in Europe. There is no real limit or restrictions as long as the budget allows.


Does The Catch have the appropriate insurance cover?
The band are fully insured as set out by the Musicians Union & government guidelines and are covered for public and 3rd party liability.


Does all the equipment meet with all the current guidelines for health and safety?
All equipment meets with current regulations and is tested on a regular basis. The band rely on it’s high quality equipment to earn a living so be assured, everything is well looked after.


Is it necessary to provide a meal for the band and crew?
This is negotiable at the time of booking but is quite often offered or included, especially after a long journey or if an early set up time is required.


How big is the largest venue The Catch can play?
The Catch have performed for audiences ranging from small private party of around 50 guests up to 10,000 but there is no real limit to the size of audience. The bands own equipment is adequate to cover a venue holding around 1,000 in an auditorium style venue and after that we would look to use the services of a professional P.A. Hire company.


What is the smallest audience The Catch are prepared to play to?
There is no real limit. The band are a professional act and if you are willing to pay us for a private performance, we would be happy to play . . . just for you !


What is the minimum stage area required?
This depends on the function or event and the venue itself. To put on the best possible show using all the lights and giving the performers the space to do the choreographed moves in certain songs, the ideal stage size would be 12 feet deep by 18 feet wide. However we have been known to squeeze into very small spaces when space has been limited. (N.B. for marquee engagements in the absence of a stage, a solid boarded area would be sufficient).


What are the electrical requirements?
It depends on the size of the function. A minimum of 2 separate, single phase, 13 amp sockets supplied by a 30 amp ring main, or a 32/63 amp blue `Cee` form socket, or a 3 phase supply, at side or rear of stage (N.B. for marquee engagements your accredited supplier would be able to provide for this requirement and should be notified accordingly).


What happens when the band are having a break in between their live spots?
The band usually bring CD players and/or Mp3 players so that the entertainment is continuous throughout the evening. We carry an eclectic mix of songs on Mp3 players, from the last 4 decades. If you wish to bring your own CDs, Just let us know, and we would gladly play them for you as and when desired.